Why Show Our Ads On Your Website As A Publisher?

Highest Payouts

We turn your space into money! You will receive a generous 70% for every click your ads generate for a paid campaign from an advertiser. This means if an advertiser is spending 10 cents per click, you earn 7 cents! 

If an advertiser is spending impressions instead, you will earn impressions that you can use for free advertising of your own.

Just reach the minimum payout of $2 and we will send you your earnings each month.

Many Ad Sizes and Styles

Choose from a wide variety of ad sizes and styles to fit what you need. You can even change the colors of the ad blocks so they fit in perfectly with your site.

You can also choose to show only text ads, or both text ads and banner ads. We even have a borderless option without a link returning to Viral Nugget if you don't want to earn money or free advertising by promoting us as an affiliate.

There is no cost to be a publisher. Join free and start today - we will be happy to assist you with setting up ad blocks on your site, just contact support at any time!

Viral Advertising and Earnings

If you choose one of our ad block styles with the "Advertise Here" text, then anyone who clicks that will be sent to Viral Nugget with YOUR affiliate link, so they will join under you and you will earn 40% Recurring Commissions if they upgrade to any membership plan.

Free advertising that you earn can also turn viral (spread effortlessly) because we reward you down 5 levels deep of referrals  with free impressions for clicks they generate as a publisher.