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Global reach to millions of visitors

Your ads will not just reach our members, but also to every visitor of all sites that have our text ads being displayed.

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Effective email advertising

Another one of the most effective ways we've seen to grow our business is through email advertising. Use our existing list to advertise whatever you like!

Constantly improve and test your ads

Our system provides click through rates and stats for all your ads, giving you a perfect view of what is working and what is not.

How Viral Nugget Creates A Tidal Wave Of Traffic While Others Create Only A Ripple...

Dear Advertiser,

Do you keep advertising only to find out that through hours of exhaustive efforts you only receive a

trickle of visitors to your website?

Have you found yourself trying many different advertising sources only to find out that the visitors just

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If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you've found your golden nugget, because today you'll have your hands on a free system that will help you reach your goals and get results with less

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There are two unique features with your free Viral Nugget membership.

#1 - Solo E-mail Ads and #2 - Viral Nugget Widget Ads

Solo E-mail ads are easy. Through using earned mailing credits you are able to send messages to our responsive membership... creating immediate results and referrals into your programs. We work hard to make sure that our delivery is at its highest by making sure all members have an active e-mail address registered with us so that your e-mails get opened, read, and your website gets seen!

Next are the Viral Nugget Widget Ads...

Our Widget Will Display Your Ads On Thousands of Members Websites Bringing You Consistent And Targeted Traffic... With NO Effort!

How? It's easy...

Our system helps you earn widget credits practically passively. As you earn these credits they are used to display your text advertisements on our exclusive ad network.

To earn widget credits you can either refer new free members to Viral Nugget (You get 250 credits for each referral + a portion of your whole downlines credit earnings), Plus you can place a simple html code that we provide to place the Viral Nugget widget anywhere on your sites you like, and as you show ads on your site you will earn credits towards showing your ads on thousands of other members sites! Place the code on your site and as you get traffic to your site you'll be generating non-stop exposures of your ads on other members sites!

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It's like turning one visitor into one more visitor to your site which then turns into yet another visitor to your site.. A never ending stream of consistent visitors!

  • You don't have to have your
    own website to benefit.
  • You will receive traffic quickly and
    consistently with no extra effort!
PLUS ...
  • The traffic is quality targeted traffic... visitors are going to your site because they
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Your sponsor has earned one widget credit for displaying the widgets above on this page!

If you displayed either of the widgets above on your own sites using our simple html code, which by the way soon you will learn would create a viral avalanche of traffic for you... anybody who clicks on the widget (nugget) from your site interested in visiting our site will be brought to our site using YOUR affiliate URL, Because your Viral Nugget affiliate URL is embedded in your own Nugget! That means anyone who joins under you would be your first level referral and you get all the benefits... let's discuss

Here are two of our widgets, the only difference is the design.

It's like turning one visitor into one more visitor to your site which then turns into yet another visitor to your site.. A never ending stream of consistent visitors!

Let me open your eyes to how much traffic this actually is!

  • Level one is you, and you will earn half a credit for each ad display... just by advertising THIS page your sponsor earned one full credit!
  • Level two are your direct referrals and you will earn 20% of a credit for each ad display.
  • Levels three through five you will earn 10% of a credit for each ad display!

Imagine for a second that on average, each web site gets visited just 100 times per day (in reality, this figure is much higher). Let's suppose that you only refer 10 people to Viral Nugget (however in reality, you'll probably refer much more), and that each person in your network only refers 10 people each, and so on.

" Would You Be A Bit More Successful If You Received 20,250 Impressions (or more!) Per Day? "

Here are two of our widgets, the only difference is the design.

  • Viralnugget
  • how many times your
    ads are shown per day
  • Level One (You)
  • 50 Impressions
  • Level Two
  • 200 Impressions
  • Level Three
  • 800 Impressions
  • Level Four
  • 3,200 Impressions
  • Level Five
  • 16,000 Impressions
  • Grand Total
  • 20,250 impressions
    per day

If That's Not Enough.. You'll Also Receive Up To A Whopping 40% Commissions
From Your Direct Referral Upgrade Sales!

(Those who upgrade will be able to reach more members with absolutely NO effort.. we're practically giving you results!)

To Your Online Success,

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